Whether you choose to enjoy the rhythmic movement of the yacht on the Caribbean waves while sipping a cheeky cocktail, or sail on a more adventurous sailing trip in the Fjords, chartering a yacht will provide you with one of the most memorable holidays you can have with your loved ones.
We offer tailor made charter trips to your choice of destinations using one of the many yachts we have at our disposal. This ranges from Classic Sail Yachts to Super Motor Yachts.

As fully independent yacht charter brokers, we are able to offer our clients totally unbiased advice and access to every professionally crewed superyacht, motor yacht and sailing yacht available on the worldwide luxury yacht charter market. Treat your business clients or employees with an unforgettable yacht experience! Charter a breathtaking yacht and hold a memorable company celebration while enjoying views of a well lit coastline.

Our highly experienced brokers constantly visit the finest charter yachts on the market and meet with their crews. We believe that we are exceptionally well placed to match each client to the yacht, crew and destination best suited to your exact needs and to deliver an unparalleled luxury yacht charter experience.


Do you want to sell your Yacht? can assist you in this.
As one of your biggest expenditures, you want this process to go as smooth as possible and get the most for your yacht. Through our wide list of contacts we will discreetly look for a buyer and assist you all the way from trial runs to the successful final sale of your yacht and ensuring all documentation is up to date.

Northern European route

Are you looking for a new adventure in yachting next to the Mediterranean and Caribbean sailing areas. Enjoy your superyacht charter with a difference and swap the sandy beaches for the glaciers and Fjords of Norway, the charming waterfronts of Stockholm and the sprawling Danish design, arts and Cuisine.
The Nordic region has intrigued many for thousands of years and ignited many feelings of mystery. Those endless nights, convivial culture and avant-garde art, the effervescent Northern Lights, the incredible hordes of wildlife not found anywhere in the world…This new pathway is also known as the Northern European Route!

Exploring the Northern European region during your next summer is a world class holiday superyacht destination. is happy to offer you an alternative itinerary, explore new boundaries and give you a taste of the unusual…!


Rotterdam, the obvious stop-off for Superyachts heading to the increasingly fashionable cruising destinations in Scandinavia, the Baltic, the Fjords and the Arctic region.
Positioned between the Atlantic and the Baltic, making it the ideal starting point for superyacht to the UK, The Fjords, Scandinavia and the Baltic. A vibrant city with world class museums, luxury shopping, culinary restaurants and famous festivals, truly a unique destination to explore.


Buzzing London is a non-stop celebration of colour, sound, art and diversity. Without any doubt an integral holiday spot for any discerning traveller. A captivating city which draws lovers of the high-life from their cruising grounds. London has less rain than Rome and more Michelin star restaurants than Paris.


Oslo, a cosmopolitan hub with an abundance of world-class architecture, museums, restaurants and shopping.
As one of Europe’s fastest growing cities, Oslo is buzzing with energy from new neighborhoods and cutting-edge food, to fashion and art scenes. Captivating landmarks like the Opera House, the Astrup Fearnley Museum and Barcode are changing the face of the city. Oslo maintains its refreshing closeness to nature that few other capitals can match.


Bergen hums with a lively beat that belies its age, welcoming visitors to its narrow, colorful streets and beautifully sheltered harbor. Nautical spirit is well and truly alive in this scenic city where colorful markets demand attention and the seafood is unbeatable.
The wharf area of Bergen is particularly charming, lined with bright warehouses surrounded by quirky restaurants, cafés and artists’ workshops.

The Fjords

Away from the colourful mainland cities lie Norway’s proudest treasures; a collection of tremendous fjords that are both humbling and awe-inspiring. The Sognefjord, the longest among the Fjords, is sweeping through the heart of the Norwegian fjord country where it is surrounded by glistening glaciers and the country’s highest mountains.
Geirangerfjord is a striking region where cascading waterfalls, rugged cliffs and tremendous mountains are mirrored in the deep blue stillness of the water, while further north, the Lofoten islands are a spectacular network of inlets and isles. The most impressive of all is the Naeroyfjord, one of the narrowest in Europe and included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Sail past towering mountains, traditional farms and perhaps even glimpse seals basking on the rocks.


The thriving capital Stockholm is the major attraction on the Swedish landscape, a regal city of beautiful architecture, charming waterfront districts and stunning cultural attractions. Travellers are greeted with an archipelago of over 20,000 islands upon entering Stockholm’s magnificent waters, making the city a truly diverse and scenic yachting adventure.


The smallest Scandinavian country, Denmark is a sprawling success in design, arts, cuisine and architecture. Accompanied by the effortlessly style, Danes enjoy a tranquil environment of introspective and peaceful happiness. Copenhagen has the most Michelin starred restaurants of any Scandinavian capital, though the entire region is blessed with establishments serving menu executed to the highest standards.


Hamburg is Germany‘s most exciting waterfront city and full of contrasts. Hamburg has it all – culture, architecture, nature and attitude. The magnificent Elbphilharmonie concert hall enchants beholders and already ranks among the most famous concert halls and architectural landmarks in the world. Other attractions can be easily discovered within walking distance from the city centre, the museums, theaters, musicals, galleries as well as fancy restaurants and bars or flagship stores and elegant arcades.
Hamburg is also the perfect hub for a tour to Berlin which is only 90 minutes away by train.

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